ORDERING CUSTOM ITEMS: PWRMFG’s quoted prices for custom made products are based on the stated quantities, existing material and labor cost. Changes in order quantities for custom products may change the quoted pricing. This makes it very important for order quantities to be correct before asking for prices or entering an order.

NON-RETURNABLE WORK: All custom work including standard products made from non-standard materials specified by the customer and any item made to a customer’s drawing or dimensions is property of the customer as soon as PWRMFG orders any special material or starts work on any material in inventory. Such material and labor is non-returnable for credit and payment is due to PWRMFG when invoiced. Please see CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF SALE printed inside the back cover of this catalog.

SPECIAL SHAPES: PWRMFG reserves the right to fabricate non-standard steel or alloy shapes from plate of the specified material. This would include angles, channels, tee, H sections, rectangular or square tube, etc. Generally this is due to the required material not being readily available in the required quantity.

EYE RODS / EYE BOLTS: Formed eyes on rod ends and eye bolts will not look exactly like catalog drawings. Generally some larger shop formed eyes will be tear drop shaped and be a little larger than the minimum inside diameter stated in some catalogs. The following eye opening widths work well and will accommodate the most suspension hanger bolt size.

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